Swimming Pool and Pond

KUJATAMA Zeo Swimming Pool and Pond
KUJATAMA Zeo Green Granite is a natural exotic green stone that became world famous natural stone. As you can find natural stone in large luxury swimming pool in the world such as in Bali, Brazil, Australia, Thailand, the United States and other parts of the world.KUJATAMA Zeo Green Granite play in the premium class of natural stone because they have a very unique green color and can only be found in Indonesia. This unique stone also has a natural function to purify the water in the pool as this material has a natural compound that can purify water.

KUJATAMA Zeo swimming pool water filtration provides a clarity very similar to absorbs nitrogen from urea, which lowers the amount of chlorine needed for sanitation reducing associated eye irritation.

KUJATAMA Zeo also reduces backwash time and increases the flow rates through filters. It's can be used to adsorb nitrogen (ammonium) build up in ponds, removing the nutrients that that algae need for growth.

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