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Zeolite is a microporous, naturally occurring mineral which adsorbs ammonia, wich is what normally causes unpleasant litter box odour. Zeolite pet litter does not clump, and is often used as a filter media in aquarium settings.

KUJATAMA Zeo Premium Pets Litter

KUJATAMA Zeo Pets Litters in search of one that was effective at controlling odour, non-tracking, as well as long lasting. Zeolite pet litter was the only pet litter we found suited to our needs, when faced with the challenge of housing up to 30 pets in a small, air-conditioned and contained space.

Zeolite pet litter is extremely heavy and does not track easily. However, unlike clay pet litter, the pellets are large and do not stick to cat paws. A bag may seem expensive at first, but because zeolite does not absorb liquid waste, the pellets are instead used to neutralize unpleasant odour, where each bag lasts much longer without unnecessary wastage. Urine is instead absorbed by a pet sheet underneath the top tray and solid waste can be easily scooped from the surface.

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