KUJATAMA Zeo Use in Ponds

KUJATAMA Zeo for Ponds
Because It.....
  • Absorb toxic gases like Ammonia, Nitrate and Hydrogen Sulfide. 
  • Regulate pH level of pond water. 
  • Provide Micro Nutrients. 
  • Increase Dissolved Oxygen content. 
  • Clean the pond by increasing growth and reproduction of Plankton. 
  • Absorb odors and bacteria, suspended solids, waste and dirty materials produced from unutilized feed, dead plants and fish etc. 
The growth / yield of Fish, Prawn, Shrimp depends largely on favorable water quality characteristics. Periodic water quality monitoring together with appropriate measure to control or prevent quality deterioratioration should become integral part of shrimp farming program.

In shrimp farming systems excess feed, decal mater / sudden increase or decrease in algal / microbial populations may cause drastic changes in water quality parameters. A part from these physiochemical parameter such as salinity, pH, ammonia, hydrogen sulphide, carbon dioxide do play a vital role in the survival / growth of prawn shrimp and fish.

The aqua marine animals release ammonia which is toxic in its un-ionized form and its toxicity varies with pH, salinity and temperature. Un-ionized form of ammonia is particularly damaging to fish grill membranes and retards their overall growth. KUJATAMA Zeo works as filter and helps in further mineralization and to oxidize Ammonia to a less toxic form. Mineralization is the process in which heterotrophic bacteria breakdown complex protein and organics into basic inorganic compounds. Ammonia is the most important by product of mineralization. The induce cavity of it's also provide extra oxygen which in turn help in faster the oxidation of ammonia to Nitrile and then to nitrate. Most fish are tolerant of Nitrate levels of 300-400ppm and above. To avoid stress on the fish the nitrate level should be monitored within 0-175ppm and water changes made to keep the level below 35-70ppm nitrate. The change in water quality as above is taken care by KUJATAMA Zeo.

Poor quality feed will cause severe quality problems by building up toxic ammonia, nitrate, hydrogen sulphide, increased BOD (Biological Oxygen Demand) and COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) thereby inducing stress in fish, prawns and predisposing them to pathogenic inflections.

Active Silicone and Aluminium are main compounds of KUJATAMA Zeo and are powerful for physical treatment :
  • It's purifies water and improves dissolved oxygen content. 
  • It's absorbs Ammonia, Hydrogen Sulphide, Carbon Dioxide and other poisonous gases and bad odors. 
  • It's provides vast surface area for adsorption due to both its micron particals size average about 4 th 5 microns and the pososity. 
  • The modified cavity at KUJATAMA Zeo also makes them to fill like corals for their inhabitation and prevent further decomposition which may lead to make water hazy.

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