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KUJATAMA Zeo Infill for turf
Benefits of Using Zeolite Infill for Turf 
Turf looks great. What really matters, though, is what’s underneath it. Due to its unique honeycomb structure, Zeolite is an excellent natural odor neutralizer, which makes it a valuable infill option for turf, artificial grass, pet kennels, and more. Additionally, Zeolite has natural cooling properties which will help ensure that your turf doesn’t get too hot. Through a process called evapotranspiration, Zeolite effectively cools turfs fibres naturally.

Zeolite can be added to crumb rubber or other infill options to maintain the temperature and control the odor of your turf.
  • Base Layer infill allows odor-causing liquids to flow through and settle underneath, which allows the Zeolite to neutralize them as they pass through. 
  • Sport Turf infill is perfect for turf with a pile height of more than 1 inch without thatching; this option provides maximum drainage as well as odor control.
  • Pet Turf infill option provides smaller granules and is ideal for pet owners with backyard or kennel turf who need extra odor control. 
What is Zeolite and How Does It Work? 
Zeolite is a natural volcanic mineral that forms through a chemical reaction between volcanic ash and alkaline water. This process forms an open, three-dimensional structure that gives off a negative charge and is capable of trapping pollutants and odors.

These properties are what makes the mineral so unique and valuable. Zeolite is resilient against high temperatures and high pressure, doesn’t dissolve in water, and doesn’t oxidize in the air. Zeolite can be found in more everyday places than you might think: water softeners, water filters, pet litter, livestock food additive, and turf, to name a few!

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