Animal Nutrition

KUJATAMA Zeo for animal Nutrition
Animal Feed
Including 2 to 5% KUJATAMA Zeo in animal feed has given this results, also proven by numerous studies:
  • Increase weight gain 
  • Decrease the conversion rate (less feed per pound of grain) 
  • Reduce scours and other intestinal diseases 
  • Improve bone growth 
  • Reduce odor and water content in the animal excrement 
  • Improve the number of gradable eggs, value of milk, or meat indexing 
  • Reduce necessity for antibiotics 
  • It makes the egg shell stronger and smoother 
  • It diminishes diarrhea 
  • It decreases the ammonium in the feces thus making the coops cleaner 
  • The production of eggs increases about 3-7% 
  • It helps in the solution of aflatoxicosis 
Healthy Livestock
As a myotoxine binder zeolite absorbs heavy metal thar can be hazardous for farm animals. Aside from that it helps in controling myotoxin in animal feed, something which helps to lower the mortality rates in deaths resulted by digestive stress and also the need for antibiotics is decreased. All this results in healthier livestock, a raise in dairy cattle and chicken production rate and also an improved weight gain in all farm animals. Feeding dairy cows, beef cattle, hogs, poultry, sheep, pigs, rabbits or other animals, all share the benefit of the zeolite usage. To sum up zeolite:
  • Balances the stomach PH 
  • Makes the digestive system healthier 
  • Raises up the quality of the meat by preventing fatty meat production 
  • Makes the utilization of the feed more proftable Prevents the animal feed from getting fungi.
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